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You have got more important things to do than figuring it all out on your own. Let Lyevon’s Amazon Seller Consultant manage your Amazon account so you can free yourself up to plan and monitor your business growth. From basic tasks like Amazon Listing Optimization, Listing Translation and Amazon PPC Management, Customer service. We provide full-scale solutions to sellers who want to Sell On Amazon but don’t have time, resources or expertise for micro-level management


Our Account Management Services Includes

This Service is for those who already selling on Amazon, if you’re considering open a new store on amazon please click here 


Amazon Sponsored Ads

We can create and manage your sponsored products ads, sponsored brands ads and headline search ads Read more 


Customer support

We speak the local language, will answer the customer inquiries and questions as well as respond to negative reviews.


Inventory Management

Amazon inventory management is a crucial component of your business it can cause you to lose sales and BSR. Readmore

Listing Errors

If you suddenly encounter an error that holds you from selling, we will help by fixing the problem before it gets bigger Readmore


Listing optimisation

We will create or optimize your listing to maximize visibility and organic traffic to your listing. Readmore


Performance Notifications

We will keep an eye on performance notifications coming from amazon regarding your listings and account related issues.


Manage Excess FBA Inventory

We will help you to get rid of the excess inventory from Amazon warehouse and save you from the additional storage charges.


Merchant orders

We fulfil your merchant orders and create shipping labels and send them to you, so you can just  print & paste it on the package and  schedule the pickup time, you just need to hand over the package to the courier to be shipped to your customers.


Fulfilment FBA Shipments

We will create and schedule your FBA shipments within the amazon system to be shipped to Amazon warehouses from your location.

Lets Start Campaigning

We Will Manage Everything !

Why Us

Receive personalized care for your store on your time – Your success is our priority – we are not a large corporation’s we’re a team of Amazon Experts, SEO Specialists, and UI/UX designers which means your content will be managed by the best team combination to lead success on Amazon.

Swedish Copywriting

We are a Swedish company based in Stockholm your content will be translated by us not a regular translator and optimized by SEO-specialist that gives you more advantage against your peers.


Uniquely tell your story. Our UX/UI Designers will design Amazon store, A+ EBC content that easy to grasp and good looking.


Our SEO specialists are experienced within the Nordic market, we use the best tools like Semrush and amazon keyword tools to target the right audience in Sweden and Nordic Europe.


we have years of experience working on Amazon, we understand Amazon from all angles from A to Z 

Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing, How much Account management service cost ?

Our pricing is tailored to your specific needs… it all depends on what you want, the number of products we would be working with, the level of involvement we have with your company and the strategy that is best for you. A standard price sheet does not work because your company and your products are unique. What we do know is that you will benefit greatly from our help. We love what we do and we want to grow with you, so pricing will be fair and you will get great value.

Do you have to advertise on Amazon ?

Ads on Amazon are often extremely profitable because customers come to Amazon to buy products, unlike for example Google. Advertising also affects Amazon SEO, which is of utmost importance.

Our ads do not convert, what's wrong ?

If the ads do not convert, it is most likely because the ads have not been optimized. To increase conversion, it requires certain ads for the customers who have the highest chance of converting. Something we can help you with

Amazon ads get no clicks, what's wrong ?

If your ads do not get any clicks, it is because customers do not want to click on your product. Maybe the ads are shown to the wrong audience, or maybe the products are too expensive, lack reviews or otherwise fail to attract potential buyers.