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Product Infographic

Infographics are product photographs with short call-outs to draw attention to your product’s best features, attributes, and benefits. it’s important to get the design of your infographics right.

Is it that important?

Badly done infographics will only confuse buyers and affect your brand image. It takes few seconds for customers to decide if your product is a great fit for them or not simply by scanning product images and bullet points so getting customer attention by combining product features and visually appealing design is our key.


Our Amazon Infographic Design would Include

Translated to Swedish

We will point all your product features in PREFECT Swedish


Graphic Design

We will choose the right, images, fonts, colors. We have UX/UI designers, we will design the most visually appealing infographic that catches your customer’s attention.

Lets Start Campaigning

Get Your Customer Attention

Why Us

Receive personalized care for your store on your time – Your success is our priority – we are not a large corporation’s we’re a team of Amazon Experts, SEO Specialists, and UI/UX designers which means your content will be managed by the best team combination to lead success on Amazon.

Swedish Copywriting

We are a Swedish company based in Stockholm your content will be translated by us not a regular translator and optimized by SEO-specialist that gives you more advantage against your peers.


Uniquely tell your story. Our UX/UI Designers will design Amazon store, A+ EBC content that easy to grasp and good looking.


Our SEO specialists are experienced within the Nordic market, we use the best tools like Semrush and amazon keyword tools to target the right audience in Sweden and Nordic Europe.


we have years of experience working on Amazon, we understand Amazon from all angles from A to Z 

Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing, How much Lyevon's Infographic Design Service cost ?

Our pricing is tailored to your specific needs… it all depends on what you want, the number of products we would be working with, the level of involvement we have with your company and the strategy that is best for you. A standard price sheet does not work because your company and your products are unique. What we do know is that you will benefit greatly from our help. We love what we do and we want to grow with you, so pricing will be fair and you will get great value.

How to get started ?

Send us your product imgaes with white background. 

Do you provide product photography ?

unfortunately we do not offer product photography. But we offer feedback if your product images are not good enough, we do not charge you anything it’s for free.