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Amazon PPC Advertising Services 

Our Amazon PPC experts deliver well-researched, well-written, and keyword-optimized Amazon PPC campaigns backed by intensive data analysis. The focus is on helping achieve sales growth and bringing down your Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS).

Establishing a strong presence on Amazon that exhibits growing and sustainable sales figures is an extremely challenging task. You need to battle against the tremendous competition on Amazon marketplace and you must use all the weapons at your disposal to score against this competition. One such marketing weapon is – Amazon Sponsored Products Campaigns. These help your products get discovered by your audience and ensure that targeted traffic makes its way to product listing pages. Ensuring these campaigns deliver high ROI is extremely challenging and time-consuming. This is where Lyevon comes in to help you maximize the potential of Amazon PPC. We, create, run, and monitor best-in-class Amazon Sponsored ad campaigns with a pricing strategy that perfectly fits your budgetary considerations.


Our Amazon PPC services focus on Amazon’s advertising.

Sponsored Brands is a single ad is used to promote three products you are selling. These will be shown to your target audience when they are searching for the products on Amazon, using the keywords that your Sponsored Brand Ads are targeting. The advantage of Sponsored Brand advertising is that these ads convert 3x more than Google Shopping Ads.


Sponsored Product Ads

 Product Ads wherein each ad focuses on promoting a single product. These ads are shown to shoppers on Amazon when they are searching for products with the keywords you are targeting through Sponsored Product Ads. These advertisements have an enviable sales-per-click ratio and we ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

Product Display Ads

Our Amazon Sponsored Product Ads expertise also includes Product Display Ads wherein each ad promotes one product only. These ads are shown to target shoppers when they are browsing Amazon and taking a look at merchandising emails from Amazon, or going through the product listings that are similar to yours.

Our Amazon Sponsored Ads Services Includes

Whether you are just beginning your Amazon journey or want expert help to manage your Amazon Sponsored Ads campaigns, Lyevon’s Amazon PPC management experts will help you…


Keyword Research

Combining all the relevant, converting, profitable as well as long-tail and competitors’ keywords especially collected for PPC ad campaign. Plus adding the keywords in the campaign according to its correct match type Broad, Phrase, and Exact All in SWEDISH.


Campaign Creation

Starting from scratch? Don’t worry experts at Lyevon will help you build a new campaign seasoned just for your products, KPIs, and target audience

Product - Specific Campaigns

Creation of product and category specific campaigns to highlight the best selling products and optimize sales on low selling products.

Campaigns Monitoring

Regular monitor the working and performance of campaigns through weekly or daily  analysis of search term reports and monthly sales snapshots.

Existing Campaigns

Monitoring and managing of your existing low-performing campaigns by adjusting the keyword bid, weeding out non converting keywords and targeting the right keywords..

Keyword Bid Optimisation

Monitoring and management of your existing low-performing campaigns by adjusting the keyword bid, weeding out non converting keywords and targeting the right keywords. as well as monitoring new created campaigns.


Negative Keyword List

Filtering, sorting, and addition of negative keywords in the campaigns to avoid unwanted and non-converting traffic on your detail page. It will help to show the ads to the right audience.

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Boost Discoverability & Profitability

Why Us

Receive personalized care for your store on your time – Your success is our priority – we are not a large corporation’s we’re a team of Amazon Experts, SEO Specialists, and UI/UX designers which means your content will be managed by the best team combination to lead success on Amazon.

Swedish Copywriting

We are a Swedish company based in Stockholm your content will be translated by us not a regular translator and optimized by SEO-specialist that gives you more advantage against your peers.


Uniquely tell your story. Our UX/UI Designers will design Amazon store, A+ EBC content that easy to grasp and good looking.


Our SEO specialists are experienced within the Nordic market, we use the best tools like Semrush and amazon keyword tools to target the right audience in Sweden and Nordic Europe.


we have years of experience working on Amazon, we understand Amazon from all angles from A to Z 

Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing, How much Amazon Sponsored ads service cost ?

Our pricing is tailored to your specific needs… it all depends on what you want, the number of products we would be working with, the level of involvement we have with your company and the strategy that is best for you. A standard price sheet does not work because your company and your products are unique. What we do know is that you will benefit greatly from our help. We love what we do and we want to grow with you, so pricing will be fair and you will get great value.

Do you have to advertise on Amazon ?

Ads on Amazon are often extremely profitable because customers come to Amazon to buy products, unlike for example Google. Advertising also affects Amazon SEO, which is of utmost importance.

Our ads do not convert, what's wrong ?

If the ads do not convert, it is most likely because the ads have not been optimized. To increase conversion, it requires certain ads for the customers who have the highest chance of converting.Something we can help you with

Amazon ads get no clicks, what's wrong ?

If your ads do not get any clicks, it is because customers do not want to click on your product. Maybe the ads are shown to the wrong audience, or maybe the products are too expensive, lack reviews or otherwise fail to attract potential buyers.

Why Should I Run an Amazon PPC campaign ?

A PPC campaign is an online marketing activity that attracts relevant traffic to your listing, which improves chances of conversions. Coupled with other optimization activities, Amazon PPC campaigns help your listing rank better on Amazon search.

Can I Create Brand campaigns ?

Yes you can only if you have already registered your brand with Amazon, if not then you should register your brand. we can help you with the registration

Where can my potential customers see my Amazon Sponsored Products ?

These ads are displayed around the search result (above, below, adjacent to) and can also be seen on product listing pages.