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Amazon Storefront Design

Every great brand on Amazon deserves to have an attractive storefront that showcases their top products as well as their overall message. Building a storefront takes time and requires a lot of work. With our Storefront  Service, we take that burden off of your shoulders. Our UX/UI Designers, we will build a storefront for your brand that stands out from the rest of the competition we will design easy to navigate and good looking storefront. With your new storefront built, you will gain more confidence in your brand while beautifully showcasing your product catalog to engage shoppers on Amazon.

Why Design An Amazon Store ?

Building an Amazon Store helps drive shopper engagement, with a curated destination for customers to not only buy your products but also learn more about your brand.


Our Amazon Frontstore  Service Includes

Brand Registry

If you’re not a registered brand already then you need to register your brand with Amazon to be able to create Amazon Storefront. Benefits of brand registration


Keyword Research Data

We use best-in-the-market tools and research methods to fetch the most converting, profitable, and high-volume keywords from the Swedish and Nordic markets.


Information Architecture

Organization of categories and subcategories, we use card sorting and other design skills to organize your store.


UX/UI Designing

UX stands for User Experience Design it means designing an interface structure that easy to understand and use. UX is a process that starts from research to analysis to define and build and finally test, UX is a process used to create/ enhance a physical or digital product UX saves time and money in other words it saves us from building the wrong thing. UI means User Interface Design which is the layout, images, fonts, colors. We have UX/UI Designers who will make sure to design the right thing for your brand.


Custom design

  • Crafting custom layout that perfectly fits your brand & category
  • Uploading and monitoring all the aspects of content submission via Seller Central & Vendor Central
  • Graphic Design – banners, images, and infographics
  • Constant assistance and editorial feedback

Listing Translation

Stay ahead of your competitors we will translate your listings to Swedish which will protect your brand image from embarrassing errors and communicate in perfect Swedish to your customers. Read More

Amazon Storefront Features

Search the store tool, hero banners, top navigation bars, side category bars, links to social media icons, custom-designed pages and more.

Lets Start

Bring Your Brand To Life

Why Us

Receive personalized care for your store on your time – Your success is our priority – we are not a large corporation’s we’re a team of Amazon Experts, SEO Specialists, and UI/UX designers which means your content will be managed by the best team combination to lead success on Amazon.

Swedish Copywriting

We are a Swedish company based in Stockholm your content will be translated by us not a regular translator and optimized by SEO-specialist that gives you more advantage against your peers.


Uniquely tell your story. Our UX/UI Designers will design Amazon store, A+ EBC content that easy to grasp and good looking.


Our SEO specialists are experienced within the Nordic market, we use the best tools like Semrush and amazon keyword tools to target the right audience in Sweden and Nordic Europe.


we have years of experience working on Amazon, we understand Amazon from all angles from A to Z 

Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing, How much Lyevon's Storefront Service cost ?

Our pricing is tailored to your specific needs… it all depends on what you want, the number of products we would be working with, the level of involvement we have with your company and the strategy that is best for you. A standard price sheet does not work because your company and your products are unique. What we do know is that you will benefit greatly from our help. We love what we do and we want to grow with you, so pricing will be fair and you will get great value.

Eligible Businesses ?

Not all businesses can set up Amazon Storefront accounts. Only companies that produce one or more products under a registered brand name are eligible. Business owners who own one or more of the brands they sell, can register them with Amazon to get started but those who only resell other brands are best off sticking with Seller Profiles and regular Amazon URLs.

What is an Amazon Storefront ?

An Amazon Storefront is a multi-page website hosted by Amazon with a unique URL and links directly to product pages. It’s perfect for showcasing brands’ products in detail, since it allows brand owners to use images, text, and even videos.

Is there any fees to create Amazon storefront ?

Qualifying vendors who already have professional seller accounts can create and maintain Amazon Storefronts for free. Those who are new to the platform should keep in mind that a professional seller account does come with a monthly fee. It’s currently $39.99.

What Are Amazon Insights ?

Amazon Store Insights is an analytics tool that provides metrics by page and traffic source. Store owners can check daily visitor and view totals, estimate total sales and units sold, and see the average number of unique pages viewed by each store visitor. It can be accessed from the Storefront main page.

This information gives business owners an idea of who is visiting their Storefronts and what they’re doing when they get there. Insights can measure traffic from Amazon Sponsored Brand ads, internal organic traffic, and custom source tags. The rest of the traffic to the page will only be labeled “other.